Tuesday, July 14, 2009

ISP's find creative ways to survive

GSM and traditional telephone service providers in East Africa are now turning to Data services to grow revenues. Convergence of Voice and data is also contributing to the turn of events, there is no longer a line between data and voice in communication and sooner there will be no line with video and mobility of them all.

Traditional ISP's in this region will then turn to offering managed services by running applications on infrastructure already built by the main Telecommunication service providers. They will lease infastructure for and use it to reach business and individual subscribers with innovative and valuable solutions. These solutions will be based on convergence of voice, video, data and mobility, ease of collaboration in business, virtualisation, operation efficiency, business cost management and dealing with increased content.

Some of the services ISP's will offer are as below

Hosting of PABX's, even small and micro-businesses will now be able to enjoy functionality of a telephone exchange system even without owning one at their premise.
Content Management; ISP's will push or pull on demand video, data or voice content across organisations or to consumers for marketing purposes, e-learning, corporate communication, PR messages e.t.c This will be a great advertising, internal communication and PR tool.
Tele and/or video conferencing services may as well be hosted by an ISP and offered on demand when an organisation needs to communicate over distance for reasonable rates
VOIP services are already being installed in most ISP's and even major SP'sin the region.

More services to enterprises like network management (fault, change and configuration), security management, outsourced customer care, hosted CRM and DR outsourcing solutions will be popular sooner.

To the consumer Smartphones able to access networks through WIFI and GSM at the same time will come into play, these phones bring out convergence and TV will be integrated.

Kenya and Uganda will lead the way in acquiring these new technologies with Tanzania and Rwanda following. Burundi will finally join the bandwagon.

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